Preparing for Midterms

I can’t believe midterms is in two weeks already. It feels just like yesterday when I got on a plane to come to Korea. These weeks have been passing faster than I could have imagined. This might have something to do with the fact that my classes aren’t really work-heavy and that I made my schedule to be more crammed.

I could count the number of assignments I had to do for classes so far on one hand. More specifically, three fingers. It’s crazy because I know that if I were studying at Drexel right now, I would be knees deep in work to do. (It’s week 6 here! The work load is definitely starting to ramp up though.) Yet, the pressure to study and do well is very real. No matter where you go on campus, you can find students staring into their textbooks or laptops studying away. I remember going to the study hall during the second week of class just to find a place to sit and the place was packed. It has only gotten progressively harder to find an open seat since then. Students could be seen with their headphones in and watching lectures so intensely already— it was a culture shock for sure. Although libraries at Drexel are usually more crowded during exam weeks, they could be pretty barren especially in the first weeks of the quarter.

To explain more about my schedule, my schedule basically has my classes fall on Tuesday-Thursday, allowing me a four day “weekend” to go out. I planned my schedule this way so I can make the most of my travel experience and exploring abroad— I’ll be going to Japan next weekend! It may not be exactly the smartest thing to do, considering midterms is the week after, but I’ve made reservations way ahead of arriving in Korea and took a gamble with the dates. Unfortunately my midterms fell close to the dates, but that’s fine. I’ve started studying more seriously the past week in order to compensate. Luckily, the material taught in class seem to align with a lot of the material I’ve learned in previous classes. This makes it a little less strained than learning completely new material for the first time, as I have a somewhat decent foundation already.

The next couple of days are going to just be studying for me with a few breaks. I hope to find some nice cafes to change up the atmosphere of studying at. Korea is really into their cafe culture— you could pretty much find a cafe on every corner. They are the perfect place to cozy up and get studying. Best of luck to everyone on their exams!!