A Cork Must See

When visiting different countries there are always places and landmarks that locals say you must see. One of those destinations in Cork is the Blarney Castle & Gardens.

Due to the castle being build almost 600 years ago, there is a lot of history that accompanies the castle which makes it interesting to visit. However, the history only accompanies the real reason some people want to visit the Blarney Castle. The Blarney Stone can be found at the top of the castle and is the main attraction within the castle. The stone holds many stories as to where it originated from, however, one thing that is agreed on is that making contact with the stone (the most popular form of contact is to kiss the stone) provides the gift of eloquence.

Although visiting the castle is a great experience, it also isn’t for everyone. Not only is there a long wait to get to the top of the castle due to so many visitors, however, the journey to the top can also be challenging for some people. The stairs to get to the top of the castle are small, steep, and in a narrow hallway that spirals upwards and continue to get steeper and narrow the closer you are to approaching the top. If you are claustrophobic, I personally suggest admiring the castle from the outside, especially if there is a long line of people as it would take longer to get out of the stairway. However, while climbing to the top of the castle there are empty rooms with signs in them explaining the history of the room and the castle which help to take up time while waiting (to get to the top).

If you don’t go into the castle there are other sights to see. There are multiple gardens surrounding the castle that can be found by following paths in the forest like surroundings of the castle. One of paths even leads to an opening where you can find a small waterfall and bridge. Furthermore, the signs around the castle can also direct visitors to finding a lake that also happens to be across from a farm (on the day I visited there were only donkeys out) as well as a small cave that was cold and forced you to duck while you walk through it.

Picture is taken from the top of Blarney Castle

The experience of visiting Blarney Castle & Gardens is one that anyone can enjoy. Even if it’s physically difficult to get to the top of the castle, the views that surround the castle are just as beautiful as the ones seen from above.

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