Turning 20 in London!!

Frolicking in lavender fields and eating delicious Japanese food

Unfortunately, I had to spend my morning in class (a first for this summer baby). After the critique of our 30 illustrations for our collections in “Collection and Portfolio” class, I dashed back home for a quick lunch and a lovely surprise dessert from my roommates. After enjoying some homemade apple pie and ice cream, we embarked on our day trip to Mayfield Lavender Farm. From South Kensington, we took the tube to Victoria Station and transferred for 7 pounds to the Southern line (If you use your oyster card it ends up being cheaper because the maximum amount of money you can spend on your card is 7 pounds a day). We then took a bus to the lavender fields. The bus was surprisingly entertaining because it took us through the neighborhoods of the suburbs. Taking the bus with local students coming back from school gave us a glimpse into the lives of the locals, and the houses, gardens, and fields were very picturesque. 

The lavender fields were advertised to cost 2.5 pounds per adult visitor. However, a ticket stand was nowhere to be found and other visitors walked straight into the field. Perhaps it was because we arrived later in the day and on a weekday that tickets were not being sold, but if you were to go on a day they were charging, it would be incredibly worth it to pay the price. The fields were in full bloom and unbelievably vibrant. Although a couple of camera crews were scattered in the fields for photo and video shoots, the fields were vast and it wasn’t difficult to find a secluded area to sit in between the rows. We then grabbed a cup of lavender tea at the little shops and picked up a few presents to bring back to friends and family at home. 

After trekking back home, we got changed from our field frolicking outfits to dinner appropriate looks. Not being at home for my birthday, I was severely missing my traditional birthday meal of sushi and sashimi, so we headed to China Town. We ate at “Misato”, which is a small Japanese restaurant that accepts cash only, and required a short wait for larger groups. I ordered salmon collar and shared a side of Inari sushi and a couple of rolls. I highly recommended this restaurant as it was very yummy and authentic. The choices were pretty varied and provided options for my most pickiest friends. I will definitely be returning for a cheap meal that reminds me of home. 

After, we went out onto Oxford street to scout out a fun place to go for the evening. We ended up going to “Tiger Tiger”, a club extremely close to the restaurant. They ended up allowing us into the club for half off because of our student status, and my birthday. This club had several rooms that allowed us to explore the differently decorated rooms, and figure out which room had our favorite playlist. 

After, we went back home and went to bed to prep for our early alarms set for the birthday rollover celebration the next day. A quick guide to Brighton will be coming soon!!