Au Revoir Paris!

If you chose Paris & London as your Dual city program, you will likely have a week off before arriving in London. This is an awesome time to travel and explore your interests. During my break week, I decided to stay back in Paris. Although I love to travel, rather than country hopping I thought I should explore more of what this gorgeous city has to offer!

Paris, you have my heart!

I had been wanting to take Segway tour. So during my break week one of the fun activities I did was go on a guided Segway tour which lasted for 2 hours (any more than this gets tiring, 2 hours is good enough). Segway is a fun way to get around. I discovered cool sights. On the tour, I saw the famous Pont Alexandre III bridge, (aka “the most beautiful bridge in the world”), the Petit Palais, the Grande Palais (Fun Fact: the roof has 6,000 tonnes of steel which is more steel than the whole Eiffel Tower) and the Musee de l’Armee. We rode along the river bank with sunset views which was mesmerizing!

Segway Tour

I explored a lot of different food streets as well. Rue Cler was my favorite food street. It’s a very popular street with a variety of foods. This area is very lively on the weekends. Place dec Vosges in Le Marais district in a nice place to relax. I loved the relaxing in the garden which had a cooling fountain (to beat the heat) while snacking on Praluline (one of my favorite breads).

Exploring local cafes and boutiques

I didn’t anticipate the scorching heat wave. I wish the weather was more cooperative during my last week in Paris. No fans and ACs anywhere made the situation worse. I felt dehydrated!

At the end of it, I booked a Eurostar (a direct 2.5-hour train ride) to London! Book your ticket in advance so that you don’t fall victim to exorbitant prices.

Upon reflecting, overall, this experience has really brought me out of my comfort zone and opened my eyes! It required me to be out in the wilderness and expose myself to new situations and people. Especially because the language was foreign, it was more challenging yet fun! I am so grateful for this opportunity and am forever grateful to my parents for having my back along the way!

You should find a program that excites you and go pursue this once in a lifetime opportunity! Drexel offers countless other amazing programs. There are plenty to choose from. A study abroad experience is 100% worth it. It really helps you build your personality and look at the world differently with an open mind. Get out there and discover yourself!

See you in London.

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