Did Someone Say Dracula?

If I have learned anything about myself during my time abroad, it is that all of my mother’s claims about my impulsiveness growing up are 100% founded, and, in typical Ally fashion, I have not yet mastered my Aries tendencies to act quickly (often without much thought.) While my childish impulses can be viewed as a bad thing in every day life, during my time abroad they have pushed me out of my comfort zone and have contributed to my “YOLO” attitude while in Europe.

At exactly 2:13 am on Sunday night, my friend and I decided to impromptu book a guided tour to the Yorkshire Moors and the coastal town of Whitby… YOLO!? Although my bank account will hate me later, I have never been so pleased by a last-minute decision. We began our journey on Monday morning at the York Minister, where we met with JJ, our local tour guide. Our first major stop was to the 500+ square mile national park, the Yorkshire Moors, located in northern England. The Yorkshire Moors is predominantly comprised of hundreds of local farms, with roughly 24,000 people and 2.2. million sheep! You herd that right… it was BAHHHHH-eutiful! (Okay, I am done with the corny puns!)

We drove through the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Moors, making pitstops to local villages along the way, including Goathland, home to Harry Potter’s Hogsmeade station and the popular 1992 drama, Heartbeat. After about 2 hours, we finally made it to the coastal town of Whitby, popular for serving as the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s classic Gothic novel, Dracula. While in Whitby, we visited one of the most famous fish and chips shops in all of England, MagPie, walked along the promenade, and explored the beautiful beaches of the North Sea.

From cliffs, to beaches, to roaring waters, to historical abbeys and important monuments, Whitby had it all! Not to mention, the ride home was even more beautiful than the way there! JJ went above and beyond to ensure that we visited elaborate churches, historical burial grounds, and magnificent castles along the way! And the best news of it all? Well, to my mother’s delight, for once my impulse buy was not followed by regret or dread, but rather a deeper appreciation for England and its beauty!

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