I have never seen the Lego Movie, but I do know that “everything is awesome” and I figured that a place where everything is made from Legos could only be fun. So, when the Aarhus Student house hosted a bus trip to the very first Legoland ever built in Billund, Denmark, I thought it would be a pretty awesome trip.

Keep in mind that I had never even heard of Legoland before and so I decided to go in with very little expectations. Even the entrance kind of blew my mind a bit because it went all out with the Lego theme. The group of people I was with were all very excited even before stepping foot into the theme park, which automatically made everything much better than if anyone thought that it was going to be stupid. To be completely honest, the rides were not as thrill seeking or as crazy as a park like Six Flags. Most of the rides were aimed for little kids to enjoy. There weren’t any crazy roller coasters, but the whole attitude of all of us on the trip was that and we were going to have fun no matter what. The only thing I was anticipating before going was that the Lego Movie theme song was going to get stuck in my head. It sure did, since they played that on a loop while we were waiting for our bus to take us back to school.

The first thing that greets you when you enter Legoland is an entire garden full of replicas of landmarks made from Legos. I could have gotten lost in the garden that had a mini version of the iconic view of Nyhavn in Copenhagen or a replica of the Danish Royal palaces. They also recreated global landmarks like the Egyptian pyramids and the Statue of Liberty and the Taj Mahal. There was also a separate garden just for recreating Star Wars battle scenes and a ride that took you up to see the view of the whole park. And then after spending so much time in that garden, we got to go on rides! I think we planned it out well enough so that we went on all of them. The interactive ones were the best ones because it was hilarious to split into teams and try to win against each other. Even the gift shop at the end was fun, because how could Legos not be fun?

Replica of streets in Copenhagen.
Exact replica of the nearby airport in Billund.
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