Lights, Camera, Action

The night life in downtown Singapore is absolutely amazing!! Today, I headed back towards Marina Bay to explore more of the city and see the view at sunset. There was also a light show running and I hope to explore the Gardens by the Bay in the upcoming weeks (hopefully really soon)! I’m coming for you Super Trees 😛 This past week has been really chaotic with planning and just super busy trying to keep up with coursework already. Life does not slow down for tourists, let me tell ya! A short walk from the Marina Bay is the iconic Merlion Park. The Merlion is a statue of the signature Lion (Fun fact: Singapore is called the Lion City) and it spits out water. It is an iconic landmark for Singapore and was really cool to see in person. I found out that Singapore from the Malay words singa, which means “lion” and pura, which means “city.” The local population mostly speaks Chinese and Malay so that would make sense it is descended from Malay roots. I also explored another part of downtown called Clarke Quay which is like central downtown and really interesting to explore. It had a great night life scene and I would highly recommend if you are looking for something fun or interesting to do in Singapore. One of the friends with me was a local so we went around to many local interesting attractions as well! I was able to try some local snacks such as pineapple cakes, mala potato chips, and some local baked cookies. I can’t recall the name right now :(( The snacks were certainly unique and it was really cool to be able to sample the local snacks. I also tried some famous local foods: Hainanese chicken rice and Chili crab! We visited this stall called Tian Tian which is very famous for Hainanese chicken rice and the line was super long but it was worth it! The chicken was very flavorful and had unique spices with it that made it an absolute treat. The Chili crab was mildly spicy and that made it really tasty without completely numbing my tongue! Both of the local delicacies are absolutely a must for anyone visiting this country. Can’t wait to try and see more of this amazing country and hopefully travel soon!

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