Playa Tamarindo

Buenas yet again amigos! This blog, we’re talking about Tamarindo. Tamarindo was beautiful. The water was blue, the beaches were white, and the weather was lovely.

Playa Tamarindo!

The town is built and developed for tourists, so there are beautiful hostels, restaurants owned by english speaking people, and lifeguards. When we told my Spanish teacher where we going, she said “Oh van a Tamagringo?” and we all were like, huh? And she explained that it is so touristy there, the Ticos call it Tama-gringo. And honestly, once we got there, I noticed it. There were people speaking English everywhere, some of the restaurant owners were from the United States, there were many more white people than Ticos; the name is honestly fitting. But nonetheless, it was gorgeous. We arrived around 2PM after our 6.5 hour bus ride (almost as bad as it sounds), and quickly ran to our hostel after grabbing lunch, and ran to the beach. We got to the beach around 4PM (we’re slow) and hung out until sunset which was absolutely and incredibly beautiful. I have never seen a sunset on the beach because I’ve remained on the East Coast my entire life and this was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I am including a picture but it literally doesn’t do it justice.

Can you believe this beauty?

The next day, we woke up early, had a quick breakfast of pound cake because yes it’s a beautiful town with great restaurants, but we are still broke college kids, and got to the beach early! We swam, napped, tanned, and then at one point, we finally did it; we rented surfboards. Let me preface with, I have absolutely no sense of balance, and I trip over my own feet when I walk to class. I can’t surf. But I sure did try. I was on that board for a while, and my knees and chest have the board burns to prove it. I almost got up once, but ultimately, I never really got up up. My friends did though, and it was so cool and we were all cheering! We spent all day at the beach until sunset again, which I will never get over, and then we all went out to hang out in the town. The vibe was great, but everything was expensive and your girl had a slight issue. I only brought with me about $20, my ID and my debit card, ya know, just in case. However, I dropped it and lost it. I don’t believe it was stolen, I just think when I was dancing it fell out. So take this as a little lesson from me, be aware of your cards at all times. I don’t even normally bring it when we go out, but I was nervous I would need it, but obviously, turns out I didn’t. Just be cautious, even in Philadelphia, be aware of your pockets! 

We left the next day on another 6.5 hour bus, but a warning to all, Costa Rican traffic on Sundays back to San Jose are terrible. You will never arrive home on time. I don’t know what it is, but we have never returned home on time. So heed my warning, don’t expect to be home on time, expect to be home at least an hour and a half later. We did stop for snacks, so it wasn’t all bad. Honestly, the weekend was so much fun, the bus ride really couldn’t ruin it even if we were 2 days late. I highly recommend Tamarindo. If you ever have the chance to visit one Costa Rican beach, make it Tamagringo – I mean – Tamarindo. Enjoy and talk to you all again soon!

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