Coronavirus in Costa Rica

Buenas todos! I hope you all are doing well. I felt like it was finally time to sit down and address the topic that is sweeping the entire globe. Coronavirus. Now you may be thinking, Maria, why are you talking about this? How does this even relate to Costa Rica. Well, you see, Costa Rica finally had its first case of Coronavirus last weekend, and as of the day I am writing this, there are 13 cases. How has that affected my way of life? Well honestly, it hasn’t had a very large effect. Costa Rica’s healthcare system seems to be well-equipped for this type of situation according to my professors who are all employees (doctors and economists) of the healthcare system who are unworried and have faith in the system. Now, I in no way am trying to jinx this, so I’m going to knock on wood real quick, but Costa Rica seems to be doing a good job. The two cases have been isolated and all 13 people were taken into quarantine before showing symptoms, so they seem to be following the trail of infection very closely. The only differences I personally have been experiencing are my teachers reminding us to wash our hands frequently, and my hospital rotations have been suspended due to the risk of being infected just by being in the hospital. I mean, I feel as though the cases are controlled, but they want to be safe and I understand. Now I have time to better prepare for my finals and whatnot, so I guess it works out!  It’s just so crazy to me that my friends who were studying abroad in Italy were sent home and my friends who received international co-ops were told to find new co-ops quick because Drexel wouldn’t allow them to travel abroad even to countries where the coronavirus hasn’t been recorded.

One of our classrooms in Clinica Biblica

I am very lucky that the coronavirus has only just entered Costa Rica and it seems like the health officials have a good grasp on patient zero. But, I feel like this entire situation is being slightly blown out of proportion. From what I can read, this disease isn’t deadly for the general public, but the world is acting as though we are experiencing Black Death the Sequel. 

Sun peeking through the trees!

While everyone is freaking out, I am very lucky to be where I am. Costa Rica has done a good job of containing the panic and containing the virus, so I am able to complete my term here basically unbothered. However, I will keep you all updated on the progression of the virus here if it becomes dangerous. Ciao for now! 

Drexel student health and safety is our utmost priority. During these unusual times with COVID-19, the Office of Global Engagement and Education Abroad will monitor COVID 19 and update you of any developments that may impact international programming. Please refer to our Coronavirus FAQs for more detail.