3 Euro 3 course lunch, Yes please!

Something I have thoroughly enjoyed during my stay here at Sciences Po Reims has been the delicious AND nutritious lunch that is served daily at the school cafeteria or ‘resto U’ as the French call it. A 3 course meal for just 3 Euros, I know it’s quite hard to believe this so I shared some pictures below.

You might wonder why this food is cheaper compared to say average dining hall food we get from Drexel? Apparently it is regulated by the French national Budget ministry. The prices of items in the cafeteria are voted annually by the administrative council of the Centre régional des œuvres universitaires et scolaires (CROUS), a regional organisation providing student bursaries, university halls of residence, foreigner students reception, student’s cultural activities, and student restaurants. ” The actual price of the meal is actually €3.30 but nonetheless it is still super affordable. What is also great is that you are not limited to just having that 3 course traditional meal option , below are all the menu options :

  • The traditional menu: in the cafeteria this is a full balanced meal consisting of a starter, a meat or fish dish with vegetables, followed by cheese or dessert.
  • Menu ‘à la carte’: in the cafeterias, there is grilled food, as well as pizzas, paninis, sandwiches, salad and pastry dishes, and desserts.
  • ‘Express menu’: sandwiches, quiches, pizzas, paninis, hot and cold drinks…

There are also CROUS vending machines around campus which serve hot and cold beverages most under € 1.50, so you can have a quick caffeine or sugar boost at at any time of the day super convenient.

Of course there is also the option of buying some lunch from the nearby restaurants and bakeries or alternatively you can bring some food from home, however for a more balanced and convenient meal, I’d suggest eating at the CROUS Resto U.

Some things to consider is to try come to the cafeteria a a couple of minutes before 12 PM, or else you might be stuck in line. Some food items may run out, but there are usually other alternatives available. Overall CROUS resto U food is a great option here at Sciences Po, and I always have my € 3,30 ready to eat come lunch time.

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