Cherry Blossom Season Has Arrived!

One of the things I remember looking forward to doing in Korea as I’d be here in the spring is to go see the cherry blossoms! As an onlooker of this season up until now, it always seemed pretty exciting, almost like an indicator of the turnover from gloomy days to lighthearted days. I was aware that there were many things to look forward to other than the cherry blossoms themselves and found it cool to see all the themed goods and food! I feel as if it’s comparable to how decorations change and how there are many themed goods for sale during Halloween in the US.

Although it does seem like there is just an abundance of cherry blossom trees in Seoul in general, there are definitely places people go to see them during the 2-week period that the blossoms are in bloom!

1. Yeouido

I think this area is generally a hotspot for taking runs, walks, and biking, especially along the Han River. I didn’t know that there was a whole trail lined with cherry blossom trees and it’s very lovely to look at! There are also many other people walking the trail along this time of year and I even saw what seemed like a wedding photoshoot going on. The area in general is also known for having the National Assembly Building nearby, so there are lots of places to eat and sit down for a coffee as well. Would recommend for a lunch trip!

2. Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest was super cool! It’s probably one of the most scenic places I’ve been to in Seoul so far and it seems like an extremely trendy place. There was a huge number of couples and friend groups that had entire photoshoots going on with tripods set up and everything! It was pretty impressive. I wish I had known to dress a little better that day as I didn’t know that people really take advantage of the short window for picture taking during the cherry blossom season. Seoul Forest in itself has many places to go to and see; I do think many attractions were closed due to Covid-19, however. I even spent time staring at some wild rabbits that call the place home and felt like the trip was a great time just enjoying nature!

Other than places to go to see the cherry blossoms, there are also many things to buy that are cherry blossom related!

A week or two ago, I began to notice many coffee shops displaying their special cherry blossom season menus, which had many strawberry flavored items. This is also a typical thing for restaurants too and I’ve sat down in some restaurants with cherry blossom season menus and special items! Daiso Korea also had a line of cherry blossom items and Starbucks had a line as well! I took advantage of the situation and bought cherry blossom themed souvenirs for people back home because I heard that the Starbucks Korea cherry blossom line changes each year, so every year is limited edition!

Some cherry blossom themes goods I managed to take pictures of! Cherry blossom candles in Daiso and a cherry blossom menu in a pork cutlet restaurant!

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