My Classes at SNU

So this quarter I am taking 12 credits, and I’m only taking elective classes. So I guess I will give you an overview of those classes:

Feminist Aesthetics and Arts – I have come to love the teaching style of my professor for this class. The way she teaches new concepts is so energetic throughout the entire two-and-a-half-hour-long class – I have never encountered such a professor who can keep the class so engaged throughout . Like even though some of the topics discussed in this class makes me highly uncomfortable I still listen and at least try to figure the lesson out. The class is not that hard if you actually listen (it’s hard not to), and most of the grades come from the three essays we have to write.

Aesthetics and Art Theory– This may be my least favorite class. We analyze early German philosophers and their theories about aesthetic and what it should be, how they one differ from one another, and the complex question of how you define beauty. If very complicated philosophical papers about aesthetics and the right way to define it is of interest this class is definitely made for you. The subject matter is very complex, so I’ll have to work hard to study for the upcoming midterm.

Advanced English Drama – I swear I have a love-hate relationship with this class. There should be no reason why we spend almost 2 hours just looking at a stage direction, but the discussion was very interesting so I can’t even be mad. I also think that plays that the professor chooses to analyze are also very interesting and good choices. In this class, our main grade is the midterm and final exam, but we also have a presentation for a play of our choice.

Advanced English Literature – This class has to be my favorite. I love how energetic the professor is, he so nice and engaging and keeps your attention throughout the entire session. We mostly look at satire short stories and novels. One major assignment for this course is the novel kickoff (a group presentation on your chosen novel and the author’s background, literary devices, etc.). Then you have a comparative analysis, which I think counts toward 20% of your final grade, and then a literary analysis which also counts towards 20% of your grade.

This is a picture form Seoul Forest park, its so beautiful.

A Message from the Office of Global Engagement:

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