5 Things to See When You Visit Jeju

Visiting Jeju was one thing I had on my bucket list and something I really looked forward to. My friend and I could only stay for the weekend so we technically just had two days to explore. However, I think we were able to use our time to the fullest. Here are some recommendations on what to do in Jeju.

A must-do is visiting Hamdeok Beach. It has a lot of cafes and restaurants along the coast and at night the environment is so lively with people singing, shopping, relaxing, and shooting fireworks. There is also a cafe on the beach called Cafe Delmoondo. It has gorgeous views and serves good drinks. I got the peanut drink and for those who don’t have allergies, I would recommend it because it’s unique and tasty. Whether it be swimming in the beautiful blue water, getting a drink at the cafe, or going on a walk, everything is really relaxing and sweet here.

Another place that one should visit is the One and Only Cafe. It’s in Seogwipo which is a great place full of beautiful views. The One and Only cafe sits between the beach and a stunning mountain view. The mountains boast steep cliffs high up in the clouds that literally look like they are from a painting. The cafe itself has delicious desserts and beautiful architecture. I definitely think it’s worth the drive to visit.

While you are in Seogwipo, I would recommend seeing the Cheonjeyeon falls. This scenic area has three different waterfalls. The first one looks beautiful but don’t just visit that one. The second one we went to was the highlight of the trip for me. The photos that came out from this location were simply out of a dream.

My friend and I at the first waterfall

A restaurant that I would recommend is the Jeju Gommak Restaurant along the northeast coast of Jeju. It sells sashimi and seafood. We got one spicy noodle, one sea urchin noodle soup, and a platter of gommak sashimi. My friend and I went to this restaurant first when we landed and I have to say it set the bar high. Every dish complimented each other and it was a really satisfying lunch.

The final place is another restaurant. It’s called Donsadon and it sells black pork. Jeju is known for black pork and so we couldn’t leave without trying it. Donsadon is a great place to go because they cook the meat for you. It feels like you are being taken care of so you can eat comfortably and know the meat is cooked just right. The taste is also quite flavorful and soft.

Black Pork at Donsadon

Overall, the trip to Jeju was short but very satisfactory. I really enjoyed the views and delicious foods. If you are ever in Korea and want to try something new, Jeju is a paradise full of nature just an hour away.

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