A Typical Day in the Life Studying in Seoul

Lovel Lee, ’25, is a Graphic Design major studying at Hanyang University this Summer 2023.

A typical weekday studying in Seoul consists of going to my ceramics class in the morning. The ceramics class starts at 10:00am so I am usually awake around 8:30am. Since it takes only ten minutes to travel to the university through the subway, I can spend some time getting ready and preparing for the day.

In ceramics class we made different potteries by using various methods. The first time we made a mug by coiling up the clay. We also used the slab method which involves rolling a flat and even clay slab and creating anything we want. It’s a calm and relaxing start to the day and a class I recommend. My second class, taekwondo, is a bit more activity based and starts at 4:00pm.

Ceramic magnet, vase, and cat figurine

After ceramics class, my friends and I eat lunch at 12:00pm. The third floor at Hanyang plaza is very cheap and has three different options: western, Korean, and soup. Something I always want to do is try new things whether it be new places, activities, or even food. You never know what you might find and I think having a mindset of exploring as much as you can is going to bring a lot of fun and excitement.

After lunch, I head back to my residence. I usually take a quick nap and prepare myself for my next class. A perk of having a nearby residence is that it allows you to save time and energy. Since I come back home at the end of the day pretty late, I sometimes want a nap to boost me through the taekwondo class.

Taekwondo class is a lot of fun and is a nice way of getting some exercise in. I definitely recommend having these two classes. Although initially I was worried about having an evening class, since I stay near the university it allows a time of rest and having more than one class allows you to make more connections and friends.

Taekwondo Class, Photo Credit: Professor Mankeun Kim

After classes, I go back and get ready for some nighttime exploring. I love eating and trying new foods so usually I head to restaurants and markets with my friends from back home. Since I do have a night class that ends around 5:30pm, I don’t plan anything too complex for the weekdays. Instead, I go with the flow and use the weekdays for hanging out and eating good food. However Fridays through Sundays, I planned trips like going to the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the spa, Everland, Wolmido, Busan, and Jeju.

I recommend writing a couple places down that you really want to go and reserving the weekend for those. Studying abroad has really taught me a lot about being adaptable while also taking initiative to make the most of the short time in Korea. I think it can be a valuable experience that promotes growth and one that I will always cherish.

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