London: Green Spaces Galore!

Vivian Pham, ’25, is a Graphic Design major studying at the FIE this Summer 2023.

Usually when you place to visit in London, you might think of the Big Ben, the Eye of London, or the London Bridge. Although they are definitely a must see attraction, it always is congested with people and traffic because it is at the heart of the city. I can be good to find a balance between the bustling streets of the city and somewhere more calming and relaxing that still showcases all beauty that London has to offers. London’s parks and green spaces offer just that kind of environment. Here is a list of the best places to take a break for the busy streets of London and everything it has to offer.

  1. Kensington Park

Kensington Park is the very first park that I explored in London so it has a very special places in my heart. It is a huge park that is right beside Hyde Park! At Kensington Park you can see so many people just enjoying that outdoors. There are so many activities that the park’s space offers! You can see rental bikes stationed outside the park for anyone to enjoy the lovely bike trails! London is pushes to be sustainable and environmentally friendly city! Even outside the park you can see bike lanes in throughout the city. But if you are just looking to enjoy the weather, biking in Kensington is a must! Kensington Park has so many wide green spaces that is even just fun to sit on a bench and people watch! I was so intrigued by how many breeds of dogs there are in London! As well as so many people taking advantage of the trails and jogging every day. If you would rather keep relax with a friend or two, having a picnic is the way to go! And if you prefer to walk and explore this expansive park, you are in for a treat!!

The park has many memorable statues the deeper you go into the park. It is like a fun game of scavenger hunt as you try to find them all! And if you make it to the far end of the park, you are met with a huge lake where you can rent swan boats with a friend and paddle around! Honestly, I could go on and on about how much Kensington Park offers. It is such a lovely place to slow your thought or have nice long conversations with a friend.

2. Holland Park

After explore Kensington Park, Holland Park is the next park you should definitely visit. It is located to the left of Kensington Park and had great places to take photos! What Holland Park is mostly known for is their Japanese Gardens that is located right at the center of the park. Walking around you can see that it is a more family friendly park. There are many small playgrounds located around the park as you head to the Japanese Garden. But once you step foot into the garden, it feels as if you where transported to a whole new place. The landscaping is gorgeously constructed to be reminiscent of Japanese green spaces. The gorgeous waterfall at the center of it all creates the loveliest atmosphere. You must take a picture beside the waterfall!

3. Kews Garden

Now if you are a fan of botanical gardens and conservatories, this has to be the best place to go! You must take a train to Kews Garden but the commute is worth it as well as the admission fee to enter. If you have your student ID on you, admission was around 10 pounds which worth all the attractions within the garden! Before even headed into Kews Garden, the walk to your destination is definitely a change of scenery compared to central London, it is more quiet and cozy as you pass by the small business by the train station and walk past the cozy row homes.

As you arrive the entrance of Kews Garden, you must pick up a map and find the places that you must visit in Kews Garden. It is a huge place that could barely be fully explored the whole day. Be sure to plan out the places that you must visit. There are so many large conservatories filled with plants that I would have never seen before. There are lily pads and even mini aquariums in some of them as well. Even. just being outside and walking around is a delight! You can see so many flowers and shrubberies surround the paths you take. There are even mansions that are located in the garden that you can have a tour of for free! There is so much to Kews Garden that I have yet to explore but it is by far one of the most gorgeous green spaces I have ever visit.