The Performing Arts in London

Vivian Pham, ’25, is a Graphic Design major studying at the FIE this Summer 2023.

If you are big fan of musicals, please PLEASE do not skip out on the chance to attend a show in London. Let me tell you about my experiences with the shows I have seen and why you should see it too if you are ever in London.

  1. Phantom of the Opera at His Majesty’s Theater

Starting off with the most renowned, classical musicals in the world the

Phatom of the Opera. If you have not yet seen the gorgeous 2004 film, you will not be missing out on any extra details because the live musical is a true reenactment of the live version itself. I won’t spoil too much of the plot if you have not yet seen the movie or live musical, but Phantom of the Opera is most famous for its beautiful sets and atmosphere. The setting of the musical is set in the 1880s, where you get a retelling of a famous theater that once existed in Paris, France. This means that you find yourself watching a musical within a musical! It will feel so magical as you get to see the grand sets that were built for each play. The theater, His Majesty’s Theater, really sets this grand atmosphere as you feel you were a patron of just a famous theater in France! The velvety red seats and the gold architecture fit perfectly with the time period so be sure to also dress up as well! Don’t forget to look up and admire the gorgeous chandelier that is crucial the story of the Phantom of the Opera!

Aside from the aesthetics, the Phantom of the Opera’s soundtrack is has a diverse style of music throughout each part of the show! At some parts, you will hear lovely ballads, theater opera, and even a mix of classical rock. Best believe that you will get goosebumps from the emotional soundtracks thanks to the live orchestra. Watching this live for the first time in London has to be one of the most brain chemically altering experiences in my life.

2. Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theater

If you are a fan of the classical movie Matilda, you must watch Matilda the Musical in London. It is a story about a young girl who leads a rebellion you children against her cruel principal at her boarding school. It is a silly and magical performances as you sit in all by all the child performers and their amazing talents. The set is colorful and wondrous, really putting you into the magical imagination of a child.

3. Guys and Dolls at the Bridge Theater

Of course saving the best for last, the Guys and Dolls performance has to be the best. The performance takes place in the 1930s at the heart of New York, where gambling is illegal yet secretly prevalent in the city. It is a cheeky very show that will have you in awe by the culture back during that time period. It is a classic love story between a bad boy story who captures the heart of a goody-to-shoe girl. If you want to see the refreshing love story play out in a boisterous and extravagant way, you must watch see Guys and Dolls.

The Bridge Theater has to be one of the most innovative theaters I have been to in London! The stages are all movable platforms! So sets can expand mid way through a song! And what is amazing is that you can get a floor ticket! So you can be right there in front of the performers and as the sets change! There are ushers on the floor to keep you safe but it an amazing experience that I wasn’t able to do for myself. It is worth it because parts of the shows allow you to interact with the actor and actress! If you want to be engaged all night and be transported back to the 1930s, Guys and Dolls at the Bridge Theater is something you shouldn’t miss!