Things You Should Know About London

Are you anticipating a trip to London soon and want a little peak into London culture? This is the article for you. I will share some things that I learned about London and things that you should try out!

1. Food

All countries have their own cuisines and specialities, however: London’s specialities isn’t English food. It is actually Indian food! London is a big cultural pot for many kinds of cuisines but definitely don’t miss out on trying the classical garlic naan and butter chicken. Just because London’s popular dishes are Indian food doesn’t mean you should neglect English food entirely. Be sure to try their sunday roasts and English breakfasts! Don’t be deceived by the name sunday roasts. You can get it any day of the week at any local pub! They serve a variety of meats that you can choose for your sunday roasts; however, you should definitely go for the pork! The crispy skin and the juicy pairs the best with their Yorkshire pudding, which is actually a soft and airy bread (despite its name). And the English breakfast has to be one of the hearties meals of the day! It is filled with so much proteins you could be full until dinner! The baked beans are the highlight of the meal though! You might think that the sauce beans looks unappetizing by they are the best part of the meal. Don’t judge until you try it!

2. Commuting

The tube system of London has to be one of the most organized and easy to navigate train systems ever. There are sign everywhere navigating you through the different trains to board. And the train carts themselves at so clean and spacious. You can hear the PA system really clearly and know exactly when the next stops are. The trains are almost always punctual so you not only do you save valuable time but also it reduces stress and anxiety associated with unpredictable travel times.

One thing you should note when taking the escalator is an etiquette that the people of London follow: stand on the right side. If you are not in a rush, stand on the right side of the escalator. This allows other people who are in a rush or prefer not to dilly dally the option to quickly walk up or down the escalator. Having a positive commuting experience really just elevates your traveling experience in London. London’s tube system and their subtle way of making a stress-free experience should be implement back in the states.

4. It will rain in the summer

At the end of June, London has the most perfect summer weather. The weather they would prompt you to go to the beach to cool off. But once June passes and your head towards mid July the weather flips like a quick switch. Suddenly the cool summer breeze turns into harsh winds and cloudy days. I always had the notion that the moody weather of London that was always portrayed in media was reserved for the autumn. However, this is true for London’s summer as well. I was truly unprepared for the feat in the mid of summer. Definitely beware on how you plan your weekend trips if you want to experience it on a sunny day. Places like Brighton will lose its true experience if you don’t visit the coastal area on a bright sunny day. The change in weather also means you should be wary of what you pack going to London. Don’t expect to just pack shorts and light tops and regret not bringing a couple of hoodies and jackets. Expect to experience breeze fall weather and rainy days. Do bring an umbrella and warmer clothes to anticipate the unpredictable weather of London in the summer.