London: The City of Free Attractions

London’s status as a tourist-heavy attraction city might give the impression that everything comes with a high price tag. However, what sets London apart is its abundance of free museums and attractions, making it an enriching and accessible place for both residents and visitors alike. This treasure trove of cultural offerings not only enhances the quality of life for Londoners but also contributes to the city’s vibrant atmosphere and fosters a sense of curiosity and exploration. Here are some of the many places you should visit in London if you are a student or traveling on a budget.

1. King’s Canal

Have you ever been to a free outdoor theater before? If you check King’s Canal website, you can see that by the canal there is an outdoor theater that shows movies almost every day! And if you are in London during a sports event, in my case Wimbledon, you must check out the area and catch a viewing of the game! If you aren’t interested in seeing a movie or watching a game, follow the river and see a multiple of boat shops by the river! You can find a trinket or two by the area!

2. Leake Street

Despite London’s strict policies about graffiti and street art, places like Leake Street has been given permission for artist to paint and decorate the tunnel! This street is a hub of creativity because it is open to anyone in the public to showcase their skills! You can often see artist spray painting live on the walls and marvel at their process. What is so unique about this tunnel is that it is changing almost every other day. Since it is open to the public, many artists battle for space and paint over one another work to show their artwork instead. So be sure to take photos of the area and come back next time to see if anything has changed!

3. Portebello Market

There are many markets that London offers but the Portobello Market has to be my favorite one by far. Although event is completely free, you might get tempted by the many vendors selling unique items and trinkets! However, it is one of the best places to buy unique souvenir and local produce at a very reasonable price! I found myself going to this market every other week, finding something new to eat and gifts to buy. I highly recommend that you purchase some fresh bread or fruits at the market! I found the fruit to taste to rich and juicy. Pairing the fruits with a drizzle of honey, brie cheese, and the fresh bread is the tasty combination you must try! If you are free on the weekend visit, the Portobello market to enjoy the wide variety of vendors ranging from antique books, different ethic foods, handmade toys, second-hand clothes, vintage watches, and so much more!