A Day in the Life Balancing Study and Simple Pleasures

My life as an exchange student at Drexel University is a whirlwind of design courses, a personal internship, and the hustle of city living. Amidst the busyness, I’ve discovered the joy of embracing life’s simple moments. Join me as I take you through a typical day in my shoes, starting with an early morning commute.

Morning Commute:

My day begins at 5 am as I prepare to catch the 6:43 train from Newark into Center City. The one-hour train ride is my cherished time to appreciate the sunrise and review course work and notes. Surprisingly, the train is packed with fellow commuters and students, each with their own purpose for the day.

Chai Tea Time:

Upon arrival at 30th Street Station, I have a choice of favorite coffee shops: Greek From Greece, Top Hat, or Saxbys. Depending on my mood, I’ll opt for a comforting chai tea latte and a croissant. These morning rituals are essential for keeping my energy up throughout the day.

Library Retreat:

Tuesdays are library days. Arriving at 8 am, I find solace in the nearly vacant library. The third floor, with its silent and cooler atmosphere, is where I settle in for focused study. I reserve a study room for my internship meeting at 11 am, giving me ample time to prepare and stay ahead on my tasks for the week.

Visual Communication Class:

At the Westphal building, I dive into one of my favorite classes, Visual Communication with Sandy. Here, I explore core design principles and have fun bringing my creative ideas to life. In the beginning I was nervous about my graphic design abilities. But now I am happy to say I have mastered the path finder tool!

Lunch Break:

After class, I have just enough time to grab a light late lunch before catching the 4:34 train back to Newark. My go-to spots are Kung Fu for bubble tea or a halal food truck for a falafel gyro. I relish any opportunity to spend time outdoors, especially while the weather permits.

Evening Wind-Down:

By 6 pm, I’m back home, winding down and preparing for the next day at Drexel. It’s during these quieter moments that I reflect on the day’s experiences, the knowledge gained in class, and the connections made with fellow students and professors. These evenings are when I recharge, setting the stage for yet another day of exploration and learning in the vibrant world of Drexel University.