Inside Philly (part 2)

Hi there! The 7th week of study is coming to an end, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” vibes are slowly kicking in and here we are again with a new blog. This time I would love to extend my story about Philadelphia, where to go and what to see in this city. Let’s dive in!

To begin with, let’s explore downtown. Yeah, I know that it’s kind of corny, but we didn’t talk about it before. So, in this area you can find everything that comes to our minds when we were told “American city”: numerous towers scratching the sky with their spires, square street blocks, busy traffic and busy people. Everything looks kind of familiar and expectable, however there are several distinctive details which I found out about downtown Philly. First of all, it’s really not big in terms of territory. Yeah, skyscrapers look great and it’s cool to walk around and look up from time to time, but it is limited to a couple of blocks to the left, couple of blocks to the right and you are done. Secondly, it is relatively quiet. My trip to other bigger U.S. cities is just ahead, but I can feel that Philly is not about super busy financial district or “city that never sleeps”. And finally it is the cherry on top: Philadelphia town hall, which is placed right in the middle of downtown, it looks absolutely amazing and breathtaking. I mean, I saw a bunch of victorian houses in Europe, but this huge building with an enormous tower is an amazing piece of art and a cool spot in the city.

Our next stop is located not that far from this magnificent town hall on the picture above. You can actually see it right from this spot and it is the Philly Museum of Art. It is a great place to observe some beauty inside and remember that it’s absolutely free every first Sunday of the month. But, if you are not an art fan, you are welcome to explore the area around the museum. Here you can find great parks to walk around, huge museum steps with the nice view at the top and of course the famous Rocky statue. During warm October days it was an excellent spot for me and my friends.

And our final spot for today is in a completely different direction from the same victorian Philly town hall. It is Independence Hall in old city. Firstly, the area around is great: streets of old cozy houses, light traffic and a couple of nice parks to chill. Independence Hall itself is a great place to find something about the creation of this country. You can have your historical tour for $1 and 20 minutes of your time. In addition to that, you will have access to Liberty Bell Center, a really important symbol of freedom for all Americans. In my opinion, kind of funny and interesting fact about this bell is how it was appearing in numerous important events in the U.S. history and still went unnoticed by most folks.

Well, that is it for today guys. I wish you a great new week and a lot of strength for the coming cold!