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Scavenger Hunt

Today was officially my first day of classes at London College of Fashion (LCF) and I had so much fun. The course of the day was called, “Historical and Contemporary Fashion Research Studies,” and it lasted the entire day. Our first class was split up into two sections, and it began with brief power point ...


Day One in London

It’s day one in London, and my homesickness has already eased. Right when I got off my flight I saw a familiar face and realized that another girl from my program had taken the same flight as me. By coincidence, a second girl from my program had landed near the same time as us, and ...


London Bound

In T-minus seven hours I will finally be flying off to London for the very first time! This week has been so crazy with finals, packing and moving. Today was actually a crazy day where I had to move everything out of my apartment by 9am, but will be flying out of the country at ...