Carl Huebner: The Beautiful City of Dresden.


At the end of my trip to München we decided to take a trip to the city of Dresden. Once again this was accessible with the 5 day rail pass I had purchased and I arrived there in 5 hours on Monday night. In my opinion, Dresden was one of the most underrated cities that I have heard about in Germany so far.

My only real plan for Dresden was to see the VW Glaeserne Manufaktur. This is where they assemble the VW Phaeton and select Bentley’s by hand. For only €4 they gave us an English tour of the whole factory and we could watch the workers go through each phase of building these masterpieces. It was very interesting how quiet the factory was due to the lack of automated machines that are replaced by actual people working the assembly line. The cars were moved along the assembly lines by use of magnets and overheat cranes while job specific toolboxes were programmed to drive themselves in front of each car for the next task. Everything was divided and organized so meticulously that the whole factory seemed to flow flawlessly, creating a new masterpiece from start to finish in 36 hours.

Turns out, this was not the only thing to do in Dresden. When we were checking into the hostel the woman at the front desk showed us many nice places to go see in Dresden. Lining the river is the historic part of Dresden. This includes the Dresden Dom and the Dresden Fortress, amongst many other big and beautiful architectural structures. This area is equally beautiful during the day when you can see it all clearly as it is at night when the whole river is lit up by these buildings. I wish that I had looked more into Dresden prior to arriving so I could have stayed longer and really taken in everything that this city had to offer.

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