Niacka Carty: There’s Always Something to Admire in Spain


I recently found out that, unlike in the United States, in Spain all professionals receive the same salary. I immediately that the idea is interesting. Though Spain has adopted democracy, I think the concept of rewarding everyone with the same salary is more aligned with socialism in that in a way it promotes a sense of social equality. When I was told this information, I immediately thought of the salary ranges in United States that is commonly based on educational attainment. Then, I was not very sure if providing the same salary is a good or bad thing. I started to think of the many things that can go wrong with this idea. Firstly, I thought that this does not create a sense of urgency from the people, granted that the intensity of some professions is higher than others. Thus, I assumed that there would be less people interested in becoming a doctor than a university professor with the idea, “I’ll get the same salary anyway.” I became sick last weekend and needed to buy Ibuprofen. I went to the local pharmacy and was able to buy a box of forty tablets for less than two Euros, which is approximately $2.56. I was grateful for the price but also shocked. Secondly, I thought the concept of receiving the same salary might cause great dependency on the government, where the government might have to provide a number of social benefits and/or initiate policies to provide for the professionals. Evidently, I could only think of negative explanations to explain this benevolent gesture.

I’ve never felt so patriotic, which surprised me. I do believe that the United States is a great country but often times I feel more inclined to think of the country’s potential progress before its beneficial qualities. I often have a hard time convincing others that I am American and I was born in the United States.

While in Spain, I realized that I have been responding to disappoints and minor differences by saying, “In the United States, this doesn’t happen,” “In the United States, this would never happen,” or “This does not exist in the United States.” Hence, it was easy to become frustrated with the ordinary daily occurrences of Spain.

I’m glad I noticed my overwhelming patriotic attitude just in time to be able to marvel at Spain’s outstanding qualities. I can honestly say that there is always something to admire in Spain. The photo for this blog is of TV screen in a metro station that I live close to. I was in awe at the use of technology in the metro to provide entertainment.

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