Niacka Carty: Architect High School in Madrid


Soon after settling in, the topic of the last economic world crisis has been popular among Spaniards. I have noticed this in and outside of my classes. Spaniards often complain about the economic hiccup that is responsible for their current dire economical situation. This is used to explain the high unemployment rate that is among adults and even higher among recent college graduates and/or high school graduates. If I’m not participating in these critical debates, I often hear them while at restaurants or while riding the train. When Spaniards attempt to explain to me typical life in Spain, they often offer their apologies. They ask if I like Madrid and I always answer, “Yes! It’s beautiful and always appears very clean.” The usual response I get is a confused look. Also, they immediately say, “Clean?! New York City is better” though they have never visited. When I tell them that though New York City is lively, it is not always clean but they never believe me. I believe for this reason, they often downplay Spain by constantly using the economic crisis as the culprit.
I do question why there are many browsing the streets at random hours of the day. I would assume that those who are unemployed opt to stay home and search for jobs online or look around the city and apply for jobs in person. Those who can be seen at almost any hour of the day range in ages from young adults to the elderly. I assume the elderly are retired and choose to enjoy their retirement with their friends outdoors. The young adults are always seen talking and laughing with friends. I also do see peoples’ desperation judging by the dumper drivers and those wishing to consistently play songs while on the train, though no one pays attention to them.
Despite seeing the negative effects of the economic crisis, what is seen in the photo to accompany this blog is an architect high school in the city. It looked it a bit misplaced because the scenery resembled one out of a lifestyle magazine. The grass field seen in the photo is dedicated as an outdoor gym for the students. I was in shock. I stopped and asked a student walking out of the building, “Where am I? What is this building?” There is also a café adjacent to the high school that is also open to the public.
Unintentionally discovering a place like that high school causes me to want to explore more of Madrid.