Greta Jusyte: Weather


The weather in Reims is not at all what I had expected. I was born in Lithuania, which is a small country located in Eastern Europe. The weather in Lithuania is rather cold, especially in the winter. As a result, as I was originally packing for France, my parents warned me about how cold Europe can be. They urged me to bring lots of sweaters and a warm jacket.
However, the month of September in Reims was extremely warm. On top of that, as an American, I was extremely used to air conditioning, which is not as prevalent in Europe since the weather does not usually get extremely hot. Further, the windows in my dorm room do not completely open, making my room very warm, especially when the sun is up.
The month of October, on the other hand, has been extremely rainy. So, I urge everyone to pack rain boots and a rain jacket. It’s been raining at night and sometimes during the day. So, please do not come to Reims expecting sunshine every day.
Lastly, I end this post by stating that the weather here is extremely indecisive. Sometimes, it’s extremely warm and you’re okay going out with short sleeves, while other times it’s extremely windy and you’re freezing even while wearing a jacket. Therefore, it is essential to pack clothes that can easily be layered. Also, lots of scarves are a plus. Even though sometimes the weather in Reims and I disagree, I am currently loving the crisp autumn air in this city. The leaves are falling and I am currently falling for Reims.