Niacka Carty: La Provincia Escuelas Pías Betania

niacka14This week, I purposefully decided to tour another part of Madrid that I was not familiar with in order to see more of the city. After visiting several thrift shops, the reason for touring Madrid, a friend and I decided to continue to walk through a popular street. We knew we visited all the thrift stores in that particular area. Thus, we were intentionally taking a detour. Consequently, we got lost. We walked so far that we could not recognize where we were. The thought of being lost did not alarm us. Outside of the tourist attractions parts of Madrid, the city is very peaceful and surprisingly quiet.
Eventually, we accept the fact that we are lost and decide that we will use Google Maps when it gets darker. We enjoyed reading the many signs on buildings. The activity was a great practicing opportunity. While continually walking, we walked passed a building that we did not recognize. We couldn’t see inside, since there were no windows. Moreover, it looked closed. It did resemble a church, judging by the material of the building. We were curious of what the building might be because we could not read what was engraved at the top of the building. It was clear the name was not written in Spanish. We agreed that the inscription may be written in Latin. We stood in front of the building for almost twenty minutes, pondering about what the building might be.
I took a picture of the building and the plaque next to it that had the address written in order to use the internet to find out what the building may be. The building turned out to be a church that transformed into a school with a special interest in responding to the need of needy children in Rome. Years later, the Catholic Church’s objective expanded to four other continents with the help of other priests dedicated to educating poor youth through providing education that integrates the Christian faith and culture. The school is also active members in the community, devoted to reaching those who do eligible to attend the school.
I have always heard of schools such as La Provincia Escuelas Pías Betania and know of friends who attended Catholic school but it was rewarding to come face to face with the result of an admirable objective that will positively impact society especially when the country is still suffering from a detrimental crisis.

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