Niacka Carty: Bibliometro


When traveling to and from school, I have noticed that many of the passengers on the trains, young and older, are always reading a book. I figured that the younger people were doing readings for school. Seeing older people reading in the metro is a new sight for me. Apparently, I have not noticed the library stations that are in some of the principal metro stations in Madrid. These stations are libraries that are called “Biblimetro.” They are currently in twelve metro stations in Madrid and are open to the public. It is quite literally a library inside the metro station. The aim is to encourage young people and adults to read more. I think this is a wonderful idea and the location is great. Some of the Bibliometros that I have seen are located in metros that connect to the Renfe, a train travels to the outskirts of Madrid. Therefore, it is clear that every Bibliometro aims to attract those who regularly travel in and outside of Madrid daily. I also fit into this category. I plan to use a Bibliometro before I leave Madrid this December. I cannot remember a time when I regarded reading in Spanish as an activity that would interest to me. In the past, I have opted to watching movies in Spanish at times and occasionally writing notes for class in Spanish. Because I have a long commute to and from school, this will undoubtedly be great practice to learn more Spanish words faster as it will be crucial for me to understand the words I’m reading in order to further grasp the ideas presented and be able to enjoy the book.
The books offered can be rented for a maximum period of fifteen days, which can be renewed for an additional fifteen days. Additionally, renters are allowed to have to up to two books at one time. Moreover, there is no charge to those who wish to rent books. Those interested can rent books from these libraries with their library cards.
I have walked by some of the Bibliometros and also noticed that this initiative is more targeted towards the adults, judging by the types of books offered, chapter books that focus on presenting political perspectives and other similar topics that adults will be the most interested in. Additionally, those interested can view the books and authors that the Bibliometro offers online.

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