Alexis Pozonsky: Should I stay or should I go?

Alexis_post15 Should I stay or should I go

There comes a time in most every study abroad student’s life when they have to ponder this one essential question “should I stay or should I go?” This question comes up most often towards the end of one’s study abroad experience, when money is running low, but elusive and alluring places still remain unexplored.

Should I stay home, save money and be fiscally responsible, or should I blow caution to wind and just for once say to hell with money, and grasp the adventure?

How does one honestly answer this question?

If you are living off of daddy’s money, the answer is easy. GO! The answer is always go; whether abroad or at home. But, if you are paying for your own studies, your own rent, your own 100% absolutely everything, the answer may be a little more complex.

Should I go and experience something more? That’s what study abroad is all about right? Experiencing and living to the fullest while you have the opportunity. But, what about when you return home, when the realities of life are smacking you in the face? When you can’t pay rent, but you’ve have incredible experiences, who will pay it for you? Hopefully your parents, maybe your significant other, but at the end of the day, you can rely on no one other than yourself to ultimately foot the bill.

What will you decide?

This weekend, I’ve decided to stay “home.” Instead of traveling to Monteverde, instead of traveling to Uvita, I’ve decided to stay in San José. And here’s why…

Although I would LOVE to explore the cloud forests of Monteverde and although I would love to go to another beach town like Uvita, I know that I can experience just as much within San José. The city may not offer forests or beaches, but it does offer numerous amounts of things that I have missed out on in my constant desire to seek the sunniest beach or the densest jungle. San José contains life and an unexpected culture that you have to seek out to find.

This weekend, I want to seek out the culture of San José. I want to know what exactly it is that makes this city tick, that makes it so unique amongst all of the other cities of the world. Why is San José special?

I’ve got a few ideas, but I am dedicating this weekend in the pursuit of finding out just what it is that makes San José a city of wonder, imagination and curiosity.

PS- that picture is a mosaic of old San José!

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