Summer Tales

Nguyen, Dana; London, England - Summer Tales, Summer Tales in Shoreditch

Art canvas along the streets of Shoreditch

This week we explored Shoreditch, which is a young, artsy neighborhood in London. The area is currently going under a lot of construction, since they are renovating the place into a more business-friendly district. Once we passed all of the construction, however, we began exploring the more inner parts of the neighborhood, where there was so much to look at. Throughout the streets there were so many colorful murals and graffiti. From quirky art and bookstores to unique vintage shops, there were a lot of interesting stores to browse through. Aside from that, Shoreditch is also known for having a really lively party scene, so there were a lot of brightly lit and colorfully decorated bars and clubs.

So far, I have had the chance to eat at two different places in Shoreditch. For my very first time here, we ate at The Breakfast Club, which is an infamous breakfast and brunch restaurant. Highlighted as one of London’s most popular restaurants and most Instagrammed food place, we knew that we definitely had to try it. Walking in, we saw so many random knick-knacks, from disco balls to deer antlers. As non-cohesive as the decorations and interior design were, they were still very artistic and fun to look at. For my lunch I decided to get the “Late Late Breakfast,” which had sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast. In my opinion, no matter what time of day it is you can never go wrong with a breakfast platter, so I thought it was absolutely delicious.

For my second time in Shoreditch we stopped by Pump, which is a cute little food marketplace. The market took place in a big parking lot and it consisted of tiny brightly colored sheds, like fire truck red and bright yellow. The food ranged from Mexican and Italian to Japanese and American. Every single shed looked equally as good, so making a decision was definitely difficult, but I ended up ordering a Picca wrap. Picca is a Peruvian restaurant, and my slightly spicy wrap came with a side of fries and had chicken, mixed greens and other forms of yumminess.

Shoreditch is definitely an area worth exploring because believe me, you will catch yourself taking a ton of photographs of the many exciting street art. Plus, a lot of London’s most popular restaurants, like The Breakfast Club and Cereal Killer Café are located there.