A Trip Down Brick Lane

Today a group of my new friends and I met up at Liverpool Street Station to explore Shoreditch. Our very first stop was at Cereal Killer Café, where we grabbed some brunch. Cereal Killer Café is a huge tourist destination and is actually ranked as one of the most Instagrammed restaurants in London. There they had a wide collection of unique cereals from all over the world. From Star Wars to Scooby Doo-shaped cereals, they had it all. They even had unique milk flavors, like strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Their menu consisted of a lot of different cereal combinations that all had fun names. “Unicorn Poop,” “Vanilla Ice Ice Baby” and “Shooty Shooty Bang Bang” were just a few of their choices. I ended up ordering the Vanilla Ice Ice baby, which had Captain Crunch, mini marshmallows, star-shaped cheerios, ice cubes and vanilla milk.

After eating we explored Brick Lane Market, which definitely goes on my favorites list for London! This huge flea market was filled with vintage thrift stores, delicious worldly foods and unique artwork and clothes. Prices vary from being dirt cheap to being extremely expensive. There were many tents that sold brand new clothing from popular retail stores, like TopShop, Levis and Miss Selfridge, at cheaper prices. In addition, there were numerous vintage stores with amazing clothes and accessories. I actually ended up purchasing two pairs of sunglasses that have been on my wish list for ages. One was a pair of vintage fake reading glasses for $12.70 and the other was a pair of hologram sunglasses with clear frames for $7.90. I wished I had more time and money to browse because I probably would have ended up with a lot more treasures. This is the perfect place to find gifts for friends and family, since most products are not only cheap, but they are also one-of-a-kind. On our walk back to the tube station we passed by a row of cute mini pop-up stores that sold anything from clothes and accessories to artwork and furniture.

Nguyen, Dana; London, England - A Trip Down Brick Lane, Grafitti in Shoreditch

Grafitti in Shoreditch

Overall, the day was so fun and relaxing, and I am always in my element when I get to go thrift shopping. Shoreditch is definitely a great neighborhood to visit when you are in London because there is always something to do. The shopping and dining options are endless, and not to mention, the streets are full of lively murals and graffiti.

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