We flew into Melbourne on Monday and our friend that lives here picked us up from the airport and drove us to the Melbourne Central YHA. We were a bit tired from our early flight, but we didn’t let that stop us from exploring the city. We checked out the free tram that runs in a loop around the main part of the CBD and got to see a lot of the city from that. Anywhere we were interested, we simply got off, explored and when we were ready to move on, we got back on the next tram. It is definitely an easy way to get around the city, and it’s so great that it is free! We went to the Eureka Skydeck Tower to the 88th floor to get an amazing view of the city. We learned that it is the highest viewing tower in the southern hemisphere. We were up there for sunset before walking back to the YHA along the river and checking out some local shops. It’s understandable how Melbourne is known as the most livable city. It’s easy to get around, especially since the layout is a grid system and all the buildings are beautiful and unique and the food is amazing.

On Tuesday, we did a day long trip down the Great Ocean Road stopping at many beautiful beaches along the way and even got to spot some wild koalas and king parrots. We hiked through part of a temperate rainforest and explored some cute seaside towns. Our last stop was the 12 Apostles around sunset and it was completely worth the drive! It took about 14 hours that day from leaving the city until we got back so we were very tired, and had another tour booked for Wednesday! Today was Phillip Island and thankfully, this one didn’t leave until 10:00am. Our first stop was a wildlife park where we got to feed emus, kangaroos and wallabies. We also got to pet a dingo! We then continued on our way exploring beaches, countryside and finally little penguin burrows and homes. They have built these little wooden boxes all over where they like to nest so they have a little home. We then got to watch the daily penguin parade, where they all march out of the ocean to their little homes. It was really amazing to see them come up in groups and each go find their individual home where their partner was waiting for them. Tomorrow we have the morning here in Melbourne before we fly to Adelaide!

Jugan, Ashleigh; Melbourne, Australia - Melbourne!

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