Time Is Flying By!

Monday was Labour day so we didn’t have any classes, which was a great chance to get ahead on some work for the last four weeks of classes! I am a major assignment due each week for the last three weeks of class, so I will be very busy. Then, on Thursday of this week we find out our exam schedule. I can’t believe that it’s getting that close already! While I still have more than a month and half left here in Australia, I feel like the past three months have flown by. I absolutely love it here. A lot of other exchange students are staying for a full year and I am so jealous of them. I wish I could stay for other term to take more classes, complete a summer internship and work on research here. It goes by too fast! It is honestly going to go by even faster because I will be so busy with all my school work for the next three weeks, then finals!

When I need to take a break from school work, there are a lot of really interesting things happening around the city this month. As it is beginning to warm up, everyone is the in summer mindset a bit early and is looking to get outside and enjoy Sydney. There are extra markets being set up in different parts of towns, more food crawls and tents popping up, and spring festivals with food, rides and shopping happening. Events like a suitcase rummage and other weird fun activities are also going on around the city. The beach is also becoming more packed as the weeks go by. On the weekends it’s hard to get a seat from Bondi Junction to the beaches in the morning and in the evening, back to the city. Even more students are arriving that are only doing courses that last a few weeks here. So even the university is busier that usual!

This whole experience has been completely worth it. I feel so at home here in Sydney and I feel like I’ve been going to the University of Sydney since freshman year. I’m so excited to see what the next several weeks bring me until it is time to fly back to the states. At least I’ll be able to come back knowing I got a full Aussie experience and will have plenty of friends and memories to keep it all close!

Photo is my friend James petting a young kangaroo that approached us!

Jugan, Ashleigh; Sydney, Australia - Young Kangaroo

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