Last Week of Classes (if they would actually hold classes!)

I had my first exam on Tuesday, in my Astronomy class! We had our lab exam, which was only an hour to try to show everything we did over the whole term. I had studied very hard and done a whole practice exam to prepare, but I still felt very rushed over the 50 minutes. The professor seems to like to do that and he believes that an average of 50% is fair. Its really scary to have that kind of grade looming over you, so that’s why I took so much time to study for this lab exam, which is 10% of my final grade. I’m still super worried about final exam, which is 80% of my final grade! The week has been pretty relaxed besides that, a lot of my tutorials have been canceled, and even some of my lectures didn’t meet. I have another exam this week, which is my final exam for Forestry, but he went over the exam pretty extensively in class and I feel very prepared. That will be on Thursday from 12-2, during our final class time! I’m really sad that all my classes are coming to an end.

Also as the term comes to an end it has begun to really heat up here. Summer is on its way, but also Halloween and Christmas! The Queen Victoria Building in the CBD is all decked out in string lights and has a HUGE Christmas Tree all light up and covered in ornaments! It’s so odd to see all this stuff that I’m used to seeing during the winter seasons out now when I’m wearing shorts and going to the beach! Most people here say that they spend Christmas at the beach, enjoying the warm water and hot sand, not curled up by the fireplace while it snows outside!

As I have mentioned, my Mama came to visit! It’s really awesome to show her all around town and do all the touristy things one last time before finals and we have to leave! We have gone to the zoos, to the beach, the Rocks, seen the Opera House and the Botanical Gardens, and tomorrow she is seeing campus and where I live. She is staying right by Kings Cross Station, which is an area I haven’t really seen, but super central, which is great for getting around! Between getting some finals out of the way and seeing my mom for the first time basically since Christmas, it’s been a great week!

Jugan, Ashleigh; Sydney, Australia - Last Week of Classes - Mama Visit

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