Finals, Finals, Finals

I have now finished all my assignments for this term. Isn’t that crazy?? I’m starting to get really sad about how fast these last couple weeks are going! I’m not ready to leave Sydney. The next two weeks especially are going to fly by with studying for finals and taking the exams. All the study rooms here are full from morning to late at night. Everyone is getting ready. Some people start as early as Monday for exams, however, I don’t have any until the following week. This means plenty of time to study! In between all the studying, there are a couple of festivals, mainly the Newtown festival and the Glebe Street Fair that I really want to go to. I love both areas so much and they are two big things of Sydney I will miss when we leave. One is this Sunday and the other is next week. As long as I stay up on my studies, I should definitely be able to take a couple hours off and head over to both.

Between studying as well as after we are all done exams, we want to go around to all our favorite places of Sydney one more time before we have to leave. This includes all the touristy things one more time, like the hanging out by the Opera House to things we love like Cronulla Beach. We want to hit a lot of our favorite places to eat and just walk the whole city again! Hopefully we have enough time to get it all in and also pack! Sam and Mandy are leaving the Monday after finals end, but Nick and I will be going to Bali the day before that for most of the week before flying back to the States the following Monday. So coordinating everything all in there will be tight, but we definitely want to do it all together one more time! It will be completely worth it and we will have some great last memories of Sydney. Leaving here is going to be so hard and I am really not ready for it at all. This study abroad has been the best experience of my life. I never thought I could love a place so much that was so far from home! I’ve seen and done things that I will never forget and I am so grateful for every moment I have had here.

Jugan, Ashleigh; Sydney, Australia - Finals, Finals, Finals