The Final Countdown

Despite all the studying of this week, I have still managed to get a little bit of fun in this week. Last night, the Opera House was light up for Diwali! We decided to take a break from studying and head down there for a little while to check it out. We took some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather at one of my favorite spots in the city, the small park area between the Rocks and Circular Quay with some ice cream! The Opera House was light up with beautiful green and pick colors and so many people came out to celebrate the festival of lights and enjoy the wonderful evening. During our whole time here, I didn’t think we would get to see the Opera House colored like that, considering we aren’t here for their national holiday, or New Years. It was definitely worth the study break!

This week has been full of study session, reviewing lectures, past tests and all my notes for the semester. Today my online exam for history opens. We must write two short essays answering the questions provided. We can use our books and past lectures, so we must put a lot of work into these essay. I absolutely loved this class and found all the lectures extremely interesting, so I’m actually kind of excited to complete the assessments. Then Tuesday I have my Biodiversity exam in the morning, followed by a review session with the professor for my Astronomy class. Then on Thursday afternoon I finish my academic term here with my final exam for Astronomy. I can’t believe its only just over two weeks before I fly home now!

To begin celebrating the end of our time here, we have tried to make plans to go back to some of our favorite places one more time. Tonight we are going out with some friends to an Indian place we love out in Pyrmont. While I will have to start studying as soon as we get back, I am excited for the break and to see my friends. Next week when I am done with all my exams, we will be going out to the movies, out to restaurants and to our favorite beach, Cronulla. It makes me so sad that every time I do something over the next two weeks, it will be the last time I do it for a very long time. However, I am so grateful that I get to do it all with some amazing people I’ve met along with some of the best friends a girl could have. I am so grateful for this experience, all I have seen and done and all that I have learned over the past few months. It was worth every essay, application, and dollar I spent. I wouldn’t trade the memories or friends I have made for the world.

Jugan, Ashleigh; Sydney, Australia - The Final Countdown


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