Vineyards and Midterms in FLR

img_2918Our midterm week is much later than it would have been at Drexel, so we have been studying for our exams during week 6 and 7 of classes. This means going to a cafe and cranking out notes on our lectures and creating presentations to show our professorsimg_3252 what we’ve learned. We had written tests for most of our classes, but in Italian class we had to present about someone important in Italian history. I chose to talk about Caterina de Medici and wrote about her influence in Florence and in the art movements that began here.


img_2993Later in the week, our Italian professor took us to Antica Cuoieria which is one of the nicest Italian leather shoe stores in Florence, and is owned by the parents of one of the teachers at the Accademia. We also went to a store Emilio Cavalini that had every type of hosiery you couldimg_2995 think of. The threading that is used for their products has been used for years and they are famous for creating art pieces with the same threads. We also stopped at LuisaViaRoma which is a futuristic designer store with smart boards that have ads and allow you to go through their ecommerce and find all of their products. This was the first time I was able to use these technological advances in my major that I had learned about in class but never actually saw.


img_3048During the weekend we decided to go on a wine tour of the Chianti region which is also in Tuscany! Our tour took the whole day and was only a short bus ride away from the city center. It was an off day for theimg_3226 tour so the group was a mix of older tourists and students which allowed us to go on a nicer tour for the same price! I was able to learn more about how wine is made and develop Processed with VSCO with c1 preseta taste for red wine that I never had before. I would recommend this to anyone who goes to Florence since it is so close by and an unforgettable experience.

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