Ciao Roma

Day Two:

img_2315Our day started bright and early because we wanted to make sure we got everything done
that we wanted to see. We started by looking at all ofimg_2800
the ruins on our way to the Colosseum. Since I’d already been to Rome, it was actually quite nice to explain a couple of things that I had already seen and to share a new city with my family. Rome is one of those cities that you can conquer if you see all of the big tourist spots, but you never feel as though you’ve seen it all.


img_2374One of my favorite parts about traveling around in Europe isimg_2862taking pictures of the street fashion I see because everyone is always dressed very well and it’s not weird to care about fashion or how you look. For instance, while we were waiting in line in the Colosseum I saw a group of girls dressed with big hats and full skirts. I was in awe of them because you would never seeimg_3612 this in the US. After we made our way through the Colosseum, we found an amazing restaurant that had the perfect view of the monument and even better lasagna. We tookimg_2501the rest of the day to just explore the city and did not have an agenda about where we needed to go next. I loved this because I got to see a different side of Rome that I hadn’t before. There are so many beautiful gardens and newer statues compared to the old ruins that were only a few feet away.


img_2828We ended our journey at the Trevi fountain and used Soles (Peruvian currency) to make a wish and close our amazing journey together in Rome. I was so happy to be able to share at least one weekend with my aunt and my cousin in Italy and have a memory that we will all cherish forever. After we made our wishes, we decided to get some gelato which is always a must when you are ANYWHERE in Italy and I said a proper farewell to the gorgeous and historic city of Rome. 



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