HK: Visiting Vietnam

Last week I went to Da Nang, Vietnam with some friends and I had the time of my life. Vietnam is the first country that I have been to since studying at City University of Hong Kong where I have no idea what to expect.

To begin with, flying HK Express is everything I expected a budget bare minimum airline to be like. There was no water and no commodities offered. You are not even allowed to eat your own food. After arriving at the Da Nang International Airport, I bought a SIM card which turned out to be a mistake. The vendor promised that there would be 5GB of data for 7 days but it turns out I could only talk and text so beware!

After arriving to our hostel via taxi, some locals one of my friends know came to pick us up on motorbikes and took us to dinner. We had a variety of meat and vegetables. After that, we went to get yogurt but the twist is that you eat it with salt. Then we went to see the Dragon Bridge at night. First time I have ever seen a bridge that breathes fire and water. To top off the night, we raced back on the motorbikes and I fell in love. Being on a motorbike is one of my favorite memories in Vietnam. The roads are crazy though. It’s very much organized chaos. To end the night, we each got banh mi which is a Vietnamese hoagie.

The next day, we went to an outdoors market and had this noodle dish called mi quang which is my favorite meal of the trip. Then we got our nails done and hair washed and styled. It was ridiculously cheap but also amazing service at the same time. I love a good deal. Later in the day, we drove by the Marble Mountains on the way to Hoi An. Hoi An is absolutely breathtaking at night.


Mi Quang

Our last destination was Ba Na Hills. It is home to a giant Buddha statue and many temples. The strangest part is that there are also a bunch of European sights and even a theme park. To get to the top most part of Ba Na Hills where the theme park is, we had to take three cables cars. I can’t say I loved Ba Na Hills but it was definitely worth checking out.

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