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Good Morning Vietnam

Every year, HKU students have what is called a reading week in the middle of October. Even though students are supposed to be “reading” or doing something academically related, for most people this is the ideal time to travel around! So, being a typical exchange student, I decided to go on a week-long trip to ...


Kowloon Travels

Hong Kong island is at the heart of Hong Kong. Yet, if you want to feel the soul of Hong Kong, then Kowloon is the place to go. Kowloon could be simply described as traditional. It has a certain vibe that is perhaps more reminiscent of mainland China. You will find much less tourists there ...


Reaching for the Top!

The exchange student community at HKU is quite large! There are a lot of students studying in British universities, as well as many other European students. So far, I have also seen quite a lot of American students, especially ones from the West coast. As a result, for the first couple of weeks I have ...


Testing the Water

Hong Kong is surrounded by water. For that reason, I was not that surprised when I started to see how many beaches Hong Kong has. Not only does Hong Kong have many different types of beaches, but also many of these beaches are very beautiful. One of the most popular beaches in Hong Kong island ...

Getting Involved

Traveling abroad, especially for a semester-long exchange program, is definitely an exciting experience, but it may turn out to be disastrous if you fail to get involved with the local community. In the era of internet, you can always live, study, travel, and explore everything by yourself, but at times, having people around you can ...

Academics, Student ID, and yeah, the OCTOPUS!

The people who have been following up on my weekly blogs must be aware how I have mostly covered general but very important travel tips in the past two weeks. Therefore, today, I am going to shift my focus on some important academic and legal formalities that play a huge role in helping you to ...


An intro to Hong Kong University

Hong Kong University has a very unique campus. In fact, there is one characteristic that makes it really stand out compared to most other campuses around the world. That characteristic I got to realize the hard way. The first day of classes, I was using google maps to try to find where my classroom was. ...

The Big Rule – Socialize At The Airport

Your ability to make contacts at the airport can help you to make the best out of an unknown place!


A vibrant intro to Hong Kong

Yes. Hong Kong might not be the safest place to travel to right now. Or at least that is what the media says. In fact, when I first arrived at Hong Kong Airport the situation looked quite grim. The airport express train that takes passengers to the city had been blocked down by the protesters. ...

Self-Awareness On The Airport

The blog talks about how it's important to be self-aware and responsible amid the excitement of traveling alone and studying abroad.